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Tuesday January 8, 2019 – Bramble Bay Bowls Club

Beez Kneez Buzz into 2019!
9.15pm Woody Point, Queensland

What the hell is going on?


Is it still the silly season?


Beez Kneez, who have trouble even parking their car properly, have won 2 rounds and the night. That’s not on.


Sure, they are lovely people, but stop acting like smartarses.


Even the Kiwis were surprised, and they have  been through plenty of life challenges, like getting into Australia to start. On what was a relatively slow start for the year, 52 people thought there way through some difficult spots, with Yowah Nuts even paying a guest appearance after popping by at Stafford Tavern the night before.


You people are sick.


Scoreboard to follow!


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