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September 2, 2017

Host Relives Glory Days With Hot Chicks As Nundah Properties Win Dubai Classic
11.45pm, Wynnum Indoor Sports Centre- Queensland Australia

In an event that went longer than a Test Match, 11 Teams, and 100 people raised almost $2000 to send one of our finest off to Dubai in a Trivia Classic.

Police complaints, suggestive banter, Gold Coast competitors on parole, flannelette shirts, heckling, and a dodgy Coles shopper were only some of the highlights from an Event described as ‘without morals but awesome’ by one punter.

The top floor of the centre saw some top shelf action. Some of the best boot scooting imaginable, 2 grown men fed each other shapes while caressing each others um, ‘shapely’ bare back figures, to Unchained Melody and even Dana smiled regularly. We had a girl on crutches have a dead set go and was one of the champions of the night, together with some dancing competitions that saw the Host quiver- for different reasons at different times.

“I’m not sure what I watched for the last 4 hours, but I will never be the same”, said one happy Trivia Show customer upon leaving, as she slipped a psychology appointment card into the pocket of the Host.

“If you were 15 years younger, I’d still stay away from you” – said another to the Host.

In any event, it was a night that never stopped until the final ball was bowled over the bar at around midnight, and the winners, Nundah etc etc, were gracious in victory, and the boss’s wife is hot. (Hi Toni). Haha.

Thanks to everyone – see you again!


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