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Monday January 21, 2019 @ Stafford Tavern

Double Parmys and 2 Wristies Pull Ahead For a Win with the Grenades
9.15pm Stafford Tavern 2019

Interesting night!


13 teams – 70 people. And a cracking Monday night brought to us by Young Henry’s.


Apart from the Host being all over the shop and pretty much letting the players run the show (nothing new), some newbies popped in with a new Team from last week and we had a tied result.


The very questionably named¬†Double Parmys and 2 Wristies tied for 1st in Rounds One and Three and won the night accordingly tied with Holy Hand Grenade of the Antiloch. The 14 year old at the Grenade table was growing up very quickly, as he was stalking one of the girls at the other winner’s tables- handing her points with a wink and stuff. Very untoward in front of his mother.

Both teams were clever and full of fun – that’s all we ask.


We learned when Netflix started, how many people in Mumford and Sons and how many toes Garfield has. We learned that Jazz in the bar was tired and hungry- so we handed her some Lindt chocolate to stop her whining, And we saw Bob’s Army- perennial winners – fall to equal last!


We also learned that Dirty Chewbaccas are not as stupid as they look – tying for third in Round 3 after a good old dummy spit from Nathan who suddenly thought for a moment he was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Even his gf Sophie had to have a 8th drink. There was a yawner who slouched to below table level, Joe Dirt was up and about and The Sons of Beaches team had a bit of a dance after being threatened with a beating.


The Wizards kept wanting more and more as they were chasing a third straight win, Nathan, deciding this week to be on his parents team with Yesterday’s Heroes spent less than 80 cents on the night but still demanded premium service and yelled at his poor mum for screwing up Bingo. Paul from The Mercenaries is heading back to England so we farewelled him with a $87 bottle of wine, and Virginia had her back to me all night as the beautiful Mojgan at QuizzyMcQuiz Face was very grumpy!







Double Parmys and 2 Wristies – 58

Holy Hand Grenade of the Antiloch – 58

Herbs and Condiments – 51

Dirty Chewbaccas – 50

Sanders – 48

Mercenaries – 48

The Wizards – 48

Yowah Nuts – 49

Sons of Beaches – 47

Quizzy Mc Quizface – 42

Kakill – 41

Yesterday’s Heroes – 40

Bob’s Army – 40



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