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Wednesday January 23, 2019 @ Jubilee Hotel

Wednesday January 23, 2019 @ Jubilee Hotel

The Pit was full as the teams drank and danced their way through a hilarious 2 hours of music, games, and questions that quite frankly ... read more

Tuesday January 22 2019 @ Bramble Bay Bowls Club

Tuesday January 22 2019 @ Bramble Bay Bowls Club

Just because you used to be ridiculed doesn’t mean you have the right to bring new players in and win everything.   This ... read more

Monday January 21, 2019 @ Stafford Tavern

Monday January 21, 2019 @ Stafford Tavern

Interesting night!   13 teams – 70 people. And a cracking Monday night brought to us by Young Henry’s.   Apart ... read more

Wednesday January 9 2019 @ Jubilee Hotel

Wednesday January 9 2019 @ Jubilee Hotel

Anything goes in The Valley- even Team names.   So as you can see- we had quite the win with our potty mouth winners gloating in ... read more

What do others have to say?

The Giggle Trivia Show

The Giggle Trivia Show is a fantastic night out with friends or family and for all ages. Scott is extremely well organised, professional, engaging and charismatic and everyone who attended his recent charity gig for the hockey club left on a high and wanting more. Definitely for all ages and you don’t even have to be good at trivia to have a great time.


The Giggle Trivia Show

Since discovering Scottie and Giggle Trivia at the Bramble Bay Bowls Club, Tuesday has become my favourite day of the week! Scottie fills the room with music, energy and laughter and everyone is genuinely happy to be there!

Kelly, 21, Devastatingly good looking trivia buff

Giggle Is A Game Changer

Giggle Trivia came on board in March 2016, at a time that saw the Club close before 8pm on a Tuesday night and where no other Trivia companies would approach the Venue.

The style and format is much more than Trivia, and it raised eyebrows. Giggle have engineered a night that not only brings in all walks of life into the Venue, and all age groups, but also has seen other Venues lose their Trivia teams to us – who now demand a Show – not just standard Trivia.

Giggle has also raised over $5000 via fundraisers since they began with the Club, which has been placed back on the bar in Special Events that have mutually benefited The Club, Giggle, and most importantly our members and guests. This is unprecedented from an entertainment company – and this social conscience is readily recognised and applauded.

People, including staff, now set their diaries for Tuesday knowing that right up until almost 10pm, the Club is alive with activity and laughter.

Bramble Bay Bowls Club certainly recommends Giggle Group – so long as they don’t head to a competitor!

Brendan Rodgers - Venue Manager

Can’t wait to come back!

I was invited to join one night with the intention of filling in a quiet Tuesday night, however I plan to make this a reoccuring activity for me as its so much fun! Your sides hurt from laughing so hard by the end of it and you do come out of the venue knowing a fair chunk more then what you did coming in.

Tiffany Siebuhr

A perfect night out!

Scottie does an exceptional job hosting The Giggle Trivia Show at Stafford Tavern. Full of laughs and good times for all. Everyone is included and there are some great prizes as well!

Rhiannon Outridge

The Giggle Trivia Show

I bring 12-18 friends every week. There’s a clear reason for that, and it’s not because the host has a habit of showing off his hairy belly during every song played. It’s because the night is a refreshing escape from anything that may be on your mind throughout the week. It’s wonderful.


North Lakes State College

I want to highlight the amazing performance of Giggle Group, who gave their time to support our recent “Trivia Night for Chaplaincy” at North Lakes State College. Scott gave his time and energy, and did an amazing job for us at our Trivia Night. Scott was so approachable and effervescent, and his ability to remember so many names, and the way he made everyone feel welcome and at home was brilliant.

Thank you again for your support and for releasing Giggle Group to make our Trivia Night the success that it was. 🙂

Jendy Smith | Chaplain

Jubilee Hotel Wednesday Rocks!

Went to the trivia evening at The Jubilee tonight. Brilliant host getting everyone in the place involved with the quiz. One of the best pub quizzes I’ve been to. The host (being kind as I don’t remember his name) was brilliant, a great laugh and made it a top Wednesday evening!

Toby Mortby

The Giggle Trivia Show

Every time I go to Giggle Trivia – I laugh. Half the time its because Scottie is very, very unfunny and he has embarrassed himself so profoundly that it’s all a little strange. At other times though he is right on his game and for various reasons, the crowd simply love it. And so do I. He has transformed entertainment at Bramble Bay Bowls and I could never go to another Trivia night again…


One of a kind!

The Giggle Trivia Show is an absolutely fantastic night out. Perfect to catch up with either friends or family in an enjoyable and relaxed environment where everyone can join in.

Brett Crowley

Giggle Has Proven To Be The Best

We approached Scottie and Giggle to try one last time for a Trivia Company to get a night going here at The Jubilee. Our crowd is diverse, relatively young and impatient when bored. It is why 4 other companies have failed to get on a roll and eventually be let go from The Jubilee as their format and hosting was simply not engaging enough. Enter Giggle. It captured our staff’s attention immediately for simply being different, blaring music and playing games with the questions each week being more of a fill in.

Suddenly we had to bring in tables for more customers to be able to play rather than searching for people to come!

Giggle is indeed different, and we have had many nights where the room has in fact been packed with players, onlookers and the curious asking us what the hell is going on. It’s Awesome.

Patrick Concarr – Duty Manager
Jubilee Hotel Fortitude Valley

Patrick Concarrr

Scottie traumatises me…

Scottie traumatises me and my wife every week. And we get handsomely rewarded for it. However don’t be fooled, he is not always right.

Just don’t tell him that.

Kenny Cosgrove

Just Keeps Getting Better

Our family and friends of all ages keep coming back and winning anything and everything because we aren’t too bright. now that’s a Show! Giggle is the only trivia Night that people actually anticipate and don’t necessarily know what’s gonna happen. Terrific night at Bramble Bay!

Kerri Schackow

Trivia at its BEST

The GIGGLE TRIVIA Show is much more than your average TRIVIA!
Scott is professional, engaging, charismatic and extremely FUNNY!!
There is laughter, energy and fun from start to finish!
I would Highly recommend The Giggle Group.

Natalie Joy

The Giggle Trivia Show

If you are looking for an accurate, highly polished trivia show then don’t come to the Giggle Group Trivia Show.
However if you want a few hours of hilarity, innuendo and total inappropriateness then you should check out Scottie’s show. The questions are sometimes “off the beaten track” and not always the smartest wins. But I suppose that is why we have come back week after week for the past 2 years.
Always lots of fun!



We come for the Parmy’s and the Banter

Always a tonne of laughs, whether its at our own or someone elses expense. Who knew Collingwood supporters could read?? Get along people!!

Matthew Oliver
Generation Health

Kedron Wavell Hockey Club and Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association

In order to raise funds for our Hockey Club, we were looking at a run-of-the-mill Trivia night until we came across Giggle Trivia’s potential for doing the event.

What eventuated was a night that surprised and thrilled everyone in terms of Giggle’s engagement and energy that turned a Trivia night into a Trivia Show. With Giggle’s assistance, over $2000 was raised with minimal effort.

Take 2 for a second event for the Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association and another $2000 two months later, again the people who attended could not look away from a consistently entertaining night with edgy humour and a new way everyone now looks at Trivia nights!

I myself have had multiple requests for Giggle’s details so they can get on board and hold events with this Company that clearly has a terrific point of difference in their overall engagement of a crowd.

We will hit them up again!

Christine Blanchard | Secretary
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