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Past Gigs - The Giggle Trivia Show

Tuesday January 15, 2019 @ Bramble Bay Bowls

Just when we thought they were at their weakest.   Just when you thought that they were a fluke, they prove you wrong.   Sure, Katie is a school teacher (Pictured in the red), but that doesn’t count for much these days – right?   Wine Not... read more

Monday January 14 2019 @ Stafford Tavern

Lightning does strike twice!   13 teams battled it our for some tasty Young Henry’s, some sublime wine and $130 in vouchers.   The young folk from The Wizards stole it at the end by one point. Impressive considering half of them don’t eat their... read more

Tuesday January 8, 2019 – Bramble Bay Bowls Club

What the hell is going on?   Is it still the silly season?   Beez Kneez, who have trouble even parking their car properly, have won 2 rounds and the night. That’s not on.   Sure, they are lovely people, but stop acting like smartarses.   Even... read more

Monday January 7, 2019 – Stafford Tavern

If you don’t mind! The Young Henry’s Trivia Show was a stunner for 2019’s opener. The first gig of the new Season and we had 71 people compete for things they really don’t care about. And wasn’t it a hoot! We learned that there are 8... read more