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Past Gigs - The Giggle Trivia Show

Bramble Bay Bowls Club

Tuesday January 16, 2018

9 Teams and 63 people battled it out in what was described as ‘The Best Trivia Show I have ever seen – particularly if I would have been there’. Redcliffe Socialites won handsomely, a term used on the Host all night as comparisons between himself and... read more

Tuesday January 9, 2018

9 Teams have gotten in early in 2018 and what a close one we had. The biggest surprise was that we had a hubby turn up after a year! Louise’s man turned up as did newbies Red and Simone, and they made some rookie mistakes. Never argue with the Host. He is always... read more

Tuesday November 14, 2017

We learned a lot on this night… Listerine flavours, How many aboriginal languages there were and what Mary from Gilligan’s Island’s last name is. We also learned that people are really bad at singing and I can still be trusted. A pearler of a night-... read more

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

‘There shouldn’t be anyone here!’ Was the call from the bar, but post Melbourne Cup, hard luck stories and all, we still had 40 people and 7 teams have a crack. In one of the closest gigs of all time, We gave away $50 cash via our raffle to Kat of... read more

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Can wine catch fire? In rowdy scenes, the venue’s biggest improver- Wine Not, took out last week’s Trivia gig and we learned alot about alot of contestants. We had 13 teams play off and learned Deadly nightshade is a plant, Mexico is not Mexico and Hindus... read more